Graduation Requirements

Divine Child High School's curriculum is varied to meet the needs and interests of each student. A total of 26.0 credits is required for graduation.

To receive a diploma a student must:

  1. Earn at least 26 credits
  2. Pass all required courses
  3. Meet all financial responsibilities regarding tuition, fees, books, etc.
  4. Meet all other obligations in reference to detention time, library books/fines, office forms, etc.
  5. Fulfill retreat and Christian Service requirements.

Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors are required to carry a minimum load of 7 classes per semester while Seniors are required to carry 6 classes per semester.

All students should take at least four academic classes per semester (Math, Science, English, Social Studies, World Languages).

RequirementsRequired CreditsDescription
Fine/Applied Arts12 courses in Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Performing Arts, or a combination of the three
English41 credit per year

Standard Sequence: English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12LC (Lit & Comp) and*English 12RC (Rhetoric & Comp)
Honors/AP Sequence: Honors English 9, Honors English 10, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition

Mathematics41 credit per year
Science3-41 Biology, 1 Chemistry, and at least one additional course
Social Studies3-41 World History, 1 American History, 0.5 American Government, and 0.5 Economics
Theology41 credit per year
World Languages22 consecutive years of the same language
P.E./Health10.5 P.E.** & 0.5 Health
Computer Literacy0.5

1 course: Web Design, Intro to Technology, Programming, or AP Computer Science Principles

Online Learning0.25

Class of 2018 & 2019-Completion of a virtual course, DC Test Prep Course, or completing Naviance Curriculum Grade Level Lessons (see counselor for more details). Class of 2020 & 2021- Awarded after successful completion of Freshman Seminar

Electives3.25Additional courses from any department

* The English-12RC (Rhetoric & Comp) requirement may be fulfilled by participating in Divine Child High School Forensics Team for two years. An alternate English course, senior year, must be elected to complete the 4 required English credits for students taking the Standard English sequence of courses.

**Participation in Marching Band for two years will fulfill the Physical Education requirement.

PowerSchool provides access to students' grades and attendance.

Schoology provides access to class resources: assignments, test postings, and digital work. Students use this for work submission as well.

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