Souper School Kitchen Renovation

Every day Divine Child’s school kitchen staff, led by Executive Chef Pete Veach, has the responsibility of providing healthy, nourishing meals for its 1,200 students and faculty members. This is not an easy or sustainable task with a largely original, 1962 kitchen as the primary culinary workspace for the campus. To enhance our menus and continue serving nutritious meals in both schools, a full-scale renovation to Divine Child High School’s kitchen is necessary. 

This major overhaul is critical to the school’s long-term viability as a premier, destination educational institution. The updates will provide purposeful enhancements to the kitchen’s layout and equipment, while bringing a modern sophistication to the space on par with the aesthetic of other renovations already completed on campus. Most importantly, these improvements will ensure that all Divine Child students can enjoy wholesome, nourishing lunches that keep their bodies strong while they focus on their studies.


Key Components of the Renovation

Construction is Underway

As an integral part of Divine Child campus life, the kitchen and cafeteria (more on the cafeteria renovations coming soon) are used for more than just lunch time. From parish pancake breakfasts and fish frys to afterglows and community events to sporting event concessions, these spaces are some of the most highly visible and utilized spaces in the DC community! 

With the help of our partners at Kirco Manix and Murray Commercial Contracting, demolition of the existing high school kitchen began in May 2024, and it is our goal to have the new expanded kitchen up and running for the Fall 2024 semester. Check out the progress below. 

Will you help us close the gap on our fundraising?

Thanks to the immense generosity of donors like you and the success of our 33rd annual Divine Child Auction, to-date we have raised nearly $900,000 towards our $1.3 million goal, but we have another $400,000 to go! This important project will make an impact on the entire Divine Child Catholic Schools community, and we are so grateful for your support!



Construction Partners

Michael Moore '71

Patrick Murray '84 &
Christopher Murray '11