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From Falcon Grit to Falcon Fit

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have found a renewed energy for taking care of our physical and mental health. Here at Divine Child, we've also taken this opportunity to raise awareness for and teach our students heathy habits and lifestyles.

Fitness and exercise have changed a lot since the high school gym and athletic facility were constructed in 1999. Over the years we received many generous second hand equipment donations, but with the evolution of exercise, much of this equipment has become outdated. With a much needed renovation, our student athletes - and PE students - could be learning more dynamic, multi-faceted exercises designed to workout the whole body. Plus, more than one sports team could be working out in the space simultaneously!

Enter the Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Project, which will include a massive renovation of our high school weight room and libraries in both schools.

Our goal is to raise $300,000 to transform our "weight room" into the "Falcon Fitness Center & Weight Room." This renovation will take our athletic program to the next level and enhance the health and wellbeing of our entire student body. A few highlights of the renovation include:
  • Removing bulky weight machines that focus on single muscles, and replacing them with double weight racks, free weights, kettlebells and medicine balls for more dynamic, muscle group workouts.
  • Installing a large plot of turf to mimic our field conditions and allow athletes to practice agility and handling skills with lower impact on joints.
  • Installing TRX equipment and implementing dynamic workouts from which all athletes can benefit!
  • Adding a retractable batting cage over the turf that can be raised into the rafters for safe and quick storage.
  • AND, adding the FALCON PRIDE! One thing our current space lacks is the story of who we are as Falcons and the long standing legacy of our programs. We plan DC branding, loads of red and gray, and the inspiring messages that encourage our current student athletes to soar, while paying homage to the legacy of Divine Child's 65+ years of athletic excellence.
So, are you Falcon Fit? Thank you for considering a gift to our Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies campaign.

Current Weight Room

Future Falcon Fitness Center & Weight Room