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From Falcon Grit to Falcon Fit

Fitness and exercise have changed a lot since Divine Child High School’s gym and athletic facility was built in 1999. Over the years we received many generous second hand equipment donations, but with the evolution of exercise, a lot of this equipment has become outdated. With over 50 teams in nearly 30 sports, our weight room needs to serve as a full-fledged “Falcon Fitness Center,” designed to offer all students and athletes a place to work on strength, agility, and general wellness training while inspiring and instilling the time honored traditions and Falcon legacy of athletic excellence. We have a vision, but we need your help.

We are committed to giving our student-athletes the resources they need to elevate their game and enhance their overall wellbeing. The weight room renovation will transform our current facility from a strength training facility to a more accessible and effective fitness center for all. We plan to accomplish this by:

  • Removing bulky weight machines that focus on single muscles, and replacing them with double weight racks, free weights, kettlebells and medicine balls for more dynamic, muscle group workouts.
  • Installing a large plot of turf to mimic our fi eld conditions and allow athletes to practice agility and handling skills with lower impact on joints.
  • Installing TRX equipment and implementing dynamic workouts from which all athletes can benefit!
  • Adding a retractable batting cage over the turf that can be raised into the rafters for safe and quick storage.
  • AND, adding the FALCON PRIDE! One thing our current space lacks is the story of who we are as Falcons and the long standing legacy of our programs. We plan to add DC branding, loads of red and gray, and the inspiring messages that encourage our current student athletes to soar, while paying homage to the legacy of Divine Child’s 65+ years of athletic excellence.

Our goal is to raise $350,000 to transform our “weight room” into the “Falcon Fitness Center” in two phases: Equipment, Turf and Flooring by Fall 2021, followed by renovation of the athletic hallway, including Branding and Inspiration by Fall 2022. With your help we can provide opportunities for generations of Falcon Champions to come! These students have sacrificed so much in the last year, and we’d love for them to start the Fall 2021season with a leg up on the competition.

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Future Falcon Fitness Center & Weight Room

Current Weight Room