As the giving season approaches, we pause to reflect on how truly humbled and grateful we are for the generosity of our Falcon family. Your ongoing support of Divine Child ensures that many more generations of Falcons will continue to receive an exceptional Catholic education with abundant resources for all aspects of the student experience. We are thankful for you! 

We cannot continue to grow and excel without the generous support of our Falcon family, and we know you value the many ways a Divine Child education prepares young men and women for lives of responsibility, leadership and faith in action.

Thank you for supporting DC Day of Giving!


We did it! Thanks to your immense generosity, we reached our DC Day of Giving goal of raising $50,000 in just 24-hours for Divine Child Catholic Schools! With your help, we're well on our way to making the "souper" school kitchen renovation a reality in both the high school and the elementary! This large scale overhaul will transform the functionality of the high school space into a commercial kitchen capable of servicing Divine Child Falcons in both the high school and elementary school. That means freshly prepared lunches made on site at DC for all of our nearly 1,300 students daily!

AND, Because we reached our goal, our Divine Child Catholic Schools students earned all of their incentive days!

From Christmas Dress Down Days to no school on Super Bowl Monday, our students are thrilled and so grateful for your support! May God bless you keep you this holiday season!

Why Our Donors Give