Class Competition

Calling all alumni!

This summer we have been busy on campus completely overhauling the four massive science laboratories and the Science Resource Center in the high school! Let’s just say, we think Mr. Birchmeier is smiling down on us! The space has been totally transformed. The classrooms have been flipped to integrate the traditional teaching space and desks with a laboratory demonstration table and brand new lab stations. New interactive white boards have been installed with new technology for lab demonstrations and presentations.

Please help us finalize this campaign and fill this space with the necessary equipment and laboratory furniture. 


$25 - I donated a beaker!
$50 - I donated a microscope!
$100 - I donated a lab chair!
$350 - I donated a lab table!
$500 - I donated a science cabinet!
$1000 - I donated a teacher's desk!
$2000 - I donated a lab demo station!
$3000 - I donated a storage room!
Any donation - because SCIENCE RULES!