"Just wanted to send along a note of thanks for the support from DC for our St. Michael Quiz Bowl Blessed Angela Tournament. We have many responsibilities when running a large tourney and were thankful from the turnout from DC high school. We couldn't run it without the outstanding student volunteers. I know that many of them are former Gaels from St. Mike's but their continued service focus represents their high school experience. We hosted 24 teams from throughout Michigan and we had many positive comments from attendees on the caliber of our readers, timers, and scorekeepers. They were a great reflection on Divine Child. Thank you!" -Janice Filiatraut, St. Michael Elementary

“Divine Child offers our children an excellent and challenging curriculum, sets high expectations for the students and provides a loving Christian environment that celebrates our faith in every aspect imaginable. I would recommend Divine Child to any parents that are hoping to find a school that delivers on a top notch education, a faith filled environment and a deep sense of community all wrapped up into one.” – Julie Pappas, mother of Jake ’18, Macey ’20 and future Falcon Luke ’22

“When my second daughter was an eighth grader, we decided to expand our high school search to include much more than the high school attended by her grandmother, older sister, and me. We had a wish list a mile long and much apprehension at potentially making such a big change. I can say without hesitation that choosing Divine Child High School has been a life changing decision for my daughter. The atmosphere at DCHS is welcoming, positive, and genuinely friendly. She came home with new friends her first day. Those friendships continue to develop, as she gets to know more friends through the variety of clubs and activities she participates in. The faculty at Divine Child has been so outstanding. She tells me that she has “learned something new in every class, every single day.” Her teachers are always available for questions or to recommend a book. There is open communication among student, teacher, and parent. She is excited to go to school in the morning. What more could I want?” – Carrie Gawlik, mother of Sarah ’20


“If someone had handed me a journal on our first day at Divine Child High School and said, “Write out your hopes and expectations for your son’s next four years, I could never have imagined the incredible experience he was to have here. DCHS academics are second to none. Staff and faculty go above and beyond. Extra-curricular activities are there for everyone. As parents, we found ourselves fully immersed in DC events and friends. Ultimately, with the help of everyone here at DC our son was accepted at the U.S. Naval Academy, and he is now pursuing his lifelong dream. When our daughter was choosing high schools it wasn’t even a question – she wanted, and we wanted – Divine Child.” – Naoko Vena, mother of Val ’16 and Mia ’21

“When exploring our options for high school, we were a bit overwhelmed with all of the wonderful choices we have in this area. When we visited DCHS and learned about how well rounded the curriculum and activities are (as well as the DC students) the apprehension eased, and we felt welcomed and at home. Our oldest son has a few learning differences and after hearing about the Instructional Support Program at DCHS we knew DC was the place for him. DC offers a wide variety of options for academics, sports & clubs all in a strong Catholic environment. We feel blessed to be a part of the DC community.” – Lisa Graham, mother of Richie ’20