We are committed to knowing each student personally, strengthening them socially and emotionally, and helping them become passionate young people who are connected to their faith, their school, and one another for life.

Divine Child High School students will grow in many ways throughout their four years. A major part of this growth process is due to the opportunity to discover one’s values, skills and strengths in a co-ed setting, where all students can learn from one another. Collaborating together allows each gender to better understand and work with each other. It helps break down gender stereotypes and creates unity among our students.

Our family atmosphere allows young men and women to learn together, pray together, celebrate together, compete together, and serve together. They can experience the joys of life and offer support to each other during their high school years and beyond. It’s why our students and graduates say:

"Once A Falcon, Always A Falcon"

Meet our Leadership Team

Anthony Trudel
Jessica Spearman
Assistant Principal
Christine Geoghegan
Assistant Principal

Need to Contact Divine Child High School?

Contact our Main Office Assistant, Yvonne Schuck, in the High School Office during normal business hours at 313.562.1990 or email her at schucky@divinechildhighschool.org.


60+ years of Divine Child

For over six decades, Divine Child Catholic Schools have provided young women and men with an excellent Catholic education. It is our responsibility to nurture the growth of students spiritually, academically, creatively and socially. Countless members of the Divine Child community have made a lasting impact on our schools. If it were not for Msgr. Weier, Msgr. Kucyk, Fr. Bilot, Fr. McCabe and the many members of the schools' leadership - including several alumni principals - our institution would not be where it is today. Our story began in 1950 when the Archdiocese of Detroit founded our parish. Shortly thereafter, our community rallied to build an elementary school, and the rest is history. Join us below for a look at more than 60 years of DC's storied past. 

1952 - Dec. 1

December 1

The parish began digging to prepare for the construction of the new elementary school. The bid was $256,300.

1953 - Aug. 22

August 22

Six Bernardine Franciscan Sisters arrived from Pennsylvania to teach in the elementary school.

1953 - Sept. 9

September 9

"Divine Child School" opened with 297 students in grades 1 through 4. Only 6 of 11 classrooms were occupied. The plan was to add one grade per year.

1975 - Dec. 3

December 3

Construction on Divine Child High School began.