Welcome to Divine Child High School!

We are committed to knowing each student personally, strengthening them socially and emotionally, and helping them become passionate young people who are connected to their faith, their school, and one another for life.

Divine Child High School students will grow in many ways throughout their four years. A major part of this growth process is due to the opportunity to discover one’s values, skills and strengths in a co-ed setting, where all students can learn from one another. Collaborating together allows each gender to better understand and work with each other. It helps break down gender stereotypes and creates unity among our students.

Our family atmosphere allows young men and women to learn together, pray together, celebrate together, compete together, and serve together. They can experience the joys of life and offer support to each other during their high school years and beyond. It’s why our students and graduates say:

"Once A Falcon, Always A Falcon"