Athletic Forms

All Divine Child High School Pre-Participation Athletics Forms are now completed online using PlanetHS . Every student wishing to try out for and participate on a high school team must have a completed PlanetHS profile.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the difficulty of getting updated physicals, DC is accepting qualifying sports physicals from last year. which must be dated April 15, 2019 or later. NOTE:  The sports physical is specific to any student wishing to participate in Athletics. The MHSAA sports physical form is NOT the same as the Green Physical form necessary for incoming 9th graders and transfer students. 

The signed and dated physical must be on the MHSAA physical form (see link below).

MHSAA Sports Physical Form

Athletes choosing to use the previous years' Sports Physical (physicals dated BEFORE April 15, 2020) are requested to complete the Health Questionnaire form located on the Health Questionnaire page of their PlanetHS profile. This document will attest there haven't been any health changes to the athlete since the previous physical. This document will be signed and dated by the athlete and their parent. A sample Health Questionnaire is located below:

Health Questionnaire Form

Begin setting up a PlanetHS profile at the log-in page below: