Fine and Applied Arts

For nearly 60 years, Divine Child's Fine and Applied Arts Department have been the driving force behind our dedication to creative excellence. Countless Alumni have gone on to turn their artistic passions into lifelong careers. Divine Child continues to have one of the premier high school Arts programs in Southeast Michigan. With many classes to choose from, our students have the opportunity to hone their skills in a variety of artistic mediums.

Fine Arts Courses

Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Design
Advanced Drawing
Advanced Watercolor Painting
Advanced Oil Painting
Advanced Printmaking
AP Art History
Commercial Illustration
Digital Art
Independent Art
Oil Painting
Watercolor Painting

Applied Arts Courses

Advanced Clothing
Advanced Quilting
Applied Arts Assistant
Clothing 1
European Cuisine
Food Prep Techniques
Independent Clothing
Pastry Arts
Quilting 1
Senior Food Prep Techniques
Video Technology