Rosary Walk

A "Rosary Walk" does not require a big group. No matter what size group is gathered, a "Rosary Walk" brings our faith and prayer to the soil we walk on. We know that the Blessed Virgin Mary crushes the head of the serpent, so like St. Patrick, we are expelling the demon snaked from the land as we bring this very powerful weapon of the rosary to defeat the enemy's claim on the area in which we "Rosary Walk."

Visit several of our Mary statues along the beautiful Divine Child campus to pray the rosary.

"Rosary Walk" Stops

1. Marian Shrine (outside of DCHS)

2. Behind the Convent next to Divine Child Advancement Office

3. Behind the Convent in the courtyard

4. Walkway up to the Rectory Office

5. East side of DCES between the school and the Rectory