Tuition & Assistance

Need-Based Tuition Assistance

Divine Child works with the Archdiocese of Detroit to offer grants to Catholic students. Grants are offered depending upon a family's demonstrated need. Families who are interested in this grant should complete the online financial aid application each year. The Archdiocese of Detroit notifies families who qualify for a grant, and Divine Child will apply the grant to your child's tuition. 

Families who submit a FACTS aid application by April 30 are considered for grants ranging from $800 - $1,100 and should hear about their grant award by early June.  Families who submit an application between May 1 and June 30 are considered for grants as large as $800 and should hear about their grant award by late July.

Tuition Rates


$9,200 per year

If a student's family is registered at Divine Child Church, the rate is $7,950 per year.

If a family has three children attending concurrently, the third child rate is 50%.

If a family is registered at Divine Child Church at the time of Divine Child High School registration, the family qualifies for the in-Parish rate for the 2020-2021 year.

Families interested in joining our parish should contact Jodi Ann Micallef at


Annual registration fee: $425

iPad fee: $405; includes 4 years of Apple Care Plus
(1st year students only)

iPad Textbook download fees: approximately $175 per student per year

Senior fee: $250 (senior year only)


Full payment of tuition in June or upon registration

50% payment due in June or upon registration, and 50% due in September

30% payment due in June or upon registration, and the remaining 70% paid monthly from July through April

Families with two or more children needing a different payment plan should contact Matt Saxer at

All tuition is paid through FACTS Tuition Management.