Summer Programs

Virtual Falcon

Students interested in accelerating their academics, earning credit toward graduation requirements, and taking more specialized courses will flourish in our Virtual Falcon Summer Program. In these hybrid courses, students attend in-class meetings in late June and early August, and complete the online component of the courses throughout the month of July. The Virtual Falcon Summer Program affords students greater flexibility to add elective courses during the school year and bolster their college resume.

Enrichment Programs

Divine Child High School promotes the personal growth of its students with summer enrichment programs in Fine Arts, Leadership, Reading, and Math.

  • Incoming and prospective students can expand their repertoires at our Musical Theater Camp or experiment with design techniques at our Art Camp.
  • Incoming Freshmen who attend our Leadership Camp will learn how to make a difference in the world around them.
  • The Reading and Math Camps, offered to select students, reinforce those skills needed to succeed as a Divine Child High School Freshmen.