ISP Shadow Visit

Come check out our Instructional Support Program! 8th grade and high school students may visit Divine Child High School for a day to experience our ISP first-hand. Students are paired up with a DCHS student in the Instructional Support Program whose job it is to guide visitors through a normal day. Please complete the ISP Shadow Visit form below — we can't wait to see you!

ISP Shadow Visit Details

What to Bring Just yourself! Since shadow visits are meant for observing classes, visitors do not need to bring anything with them. Upon arrival, shadows receive a welcome packet to help answer any questions you may have throughout the day. Shadow students may carry their cell phones, but they need to be on silent and vibrate as per school policy. 
Arrival Shadow visits arrivals are at 8 a.m. in the main office. Parents are asked to park in the circle drive off of Silvery Lane, and to accompany their student into the building for check-in. Upon completing check-in, parents are welcome to take a private tour with our admissions team, or to leave campus until pick-up time. 
Dress Code Students are asked to wear church appropriate attire to their shadow visit. Young men are encouraged to wear dress pants with a collared shirt, while ladies should wear a dress or skirt of an appropriate length or dress pants (no leggings) with a blouse, sweater or polo shirt (no crop tops or spaghetti straps). If your child currently attends a parochial school, we encourage them to wear their current school uniform.
Lunch All shadow visit students will receive a complimentary meal with an entree, side and drink.
Pick-Up  Pick-up is at 2 p.m. Parents must come into the building to sign their child out of their visit. Please park in the circle drive and enter through the main doors off of Silvery Lane. 

ISP Shadow Visit Form


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