Instructional Support Program (ISP)

Divine Child High School’s Instructional Support Program (ISP) provides academic interventions and accommodations to students with diagnosed learning differences, allowing them to receive a high-quality Catholic education while optimizing their ability to learn and achieve.

We believe all families who desire a Catholic education for their child should have the opportunity to be a member of our school community and receive the same excellent education regardless of diagnosed learning differences.

Divine Child has been a pioneer and leader in developing an ISP in the Archdiocese of Detroit to support the diverse needs of all students. In the last decade, our program has grown exponentially to meet the expanding population of students in need of academic interventions and accommodations.

Our ISP currently serves more than 100 students, comprising almost 15% of the overall student population (or, 1 in every 7 students), which aligns with the national average of students receiving these services.

ISP students are very diverse. Many take Honors or AP classes and/or graduate at or near the top of their class, frequently going on to receive academic, athletic, and performance scholarships to notable institutions.


The Impact of Our Program

The ISP makes a lifetime of impact on students in the program. We help students break down barriers and provide them with the resources they need to achieve higher education goals. Many of our students not only attend their dream college, but also receive academic, athletic and performance scholarships. 

“Divine Child High School’s Instructional Support Program gave me a built-in community, a new found confidence, and the ability to problem solve and advocate for myself. Without the ISP I don’t think I would be the same student that I am today.”  

Cara Dunn '19
Divine Child High School
Alumna & Former ISP Student 
Saint Mary's College 
Class of 2023

Meet the ISP Specialists

Jamesena Ingram

Instructional Support Department Head
(313) 562-1990

Regina Dunn

Instructional Support Specialist
(313) 562-1990

Robyn Hansen

Instructional Support Specialist
(313) 562-1990

Aurora Utley

Instructional Support Specialist
(313) 562-1990

Caryn Machon

Instructional Support Specialist
(313) 562-1990