Instructional Support Program (ISP)


The philosophy of the Instructional Support Program at Divine Child High School is that all families who desire a Catholic education for their child should have the opportunity to be a member of the school community and receive the same excellent education regardless of diagnosed learning differences. Students in this program will learn to be self advocates and independent learners through excellent instruction and support in the classroom and during individualized time with the Instructional Support Specialists and within the Instructional Support Program. students acquire a litany of skills and strategies which allow 


The primary goal of the Instructional Support Program at Divine Child is to support students with specific learning disabilities through strategy and skill instruction, including self-awareness, self-advocacy, metacognition and study skills. The Instructional Specialists teach through a variety of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile techniques, and encourage students to explore and experiment with these styles in order to identify which one best corresponds with their learning preferences. It is the hope of the Instructional Specialists that students acquire a litany of skills and strategies which allow them to be successful and productive members of society within the working world.

Why It's Important

With the right interventions and accommodations, at-risk students can remain in our school in classrooms with their peers. There is no need for different schools for siblings, for breaking up families, or for sacrificing college preparatory education.

No student should have to forgo the benefits of Catholic education to receive the extra support they need to be successful - and with your help, we can make sure no one does!


The Instructional Support Program (ISP) at Divine Child is proud to be able to provide individualized academic support to students with specific learning differences at three, tiered levels of intervention.

All qualifying students who submitted an application for placement within the Instructional Support Program for a given school year (in addition to the appropriate documentation) will be provided with academic support within one of these three levels during their time at Divine Child High School.

Available Support

Tailored, In-Class Interventions

The ISP helps to support content-area teachers with their implementation of personalized and student-centered teaching practices provided by all classroom teachers at DCHS. These interventions are designed to ensure that ALL students, especially those who learn differently, are able to respond and connect with daily instruction in every classroom.

Individualized Accomodations

The ISP provides, for qualified students, individualized accommodations delivered by the Instructional Specialists within the Instructional Support Room (room 106). These accommodations are designed to ensure that the students within the ISP are able to respond and access the daily instruction and assessments in every classroom. Each student in the Instructional Support Program has an individualized “Building Accommodation Plan” that lists and explains the specific accommodations that he/she receives in order to meet his/her full learning potential.

Program-Specific 'Seminar' Courses

The ISP provides two separate Freshman and Sophomore Seminar classes that are offered for freshman and sophomore students who need additional support in the areas of organization, executive functioning, time management, and self-advocacy.

After School Office Hours

The ISP provides students with an opportunity to work independently, with other students, or with the Instructional Specialists in order to complete assignments, receive individualized help with homework, create study strategies for upcoming assessments, and receive organizational assistance. These Office Hours operate from 2:30 to 4:00 every Monday through Thursday and are open to all of the students within the Instructional Support Program.

Co-Taught Courses

The Instructional Specialists co-teach in a variety of academic courses and provide additional support to ALL learners. The supports provided include (but are not limited to) supplemental notes, study guides, and homework assistance.

Instructional Specialists

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Brian Leslie

Brian Leslie

Class of 2007
Regina Dunn

Regina Dunn

Class of 1988
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Anna Leslie

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Jamesena Ingram