Divine Child High School offers academic programs for a wide variety of college-bound learners. For students who accelerate in their studies, we offer honors courses beginning freshman year, and numerous Advanced Placement (AP) courses for college credit. For students who need additional help to be successful, our Instructional Support Program (ISP) assists students with mild to moderate learning differences. 

Falcon Fast Facts


average SAT score (compared to a national average of 1060)


average ACT score (compared to a national average of 19.8)


Advanced Placement courses are offered for college credit

Our Departments

Our Curriculum

Divine Child High School provides a faith centered education through a robust, comprehensive curriculum. An array of classes are offered, including Honors and Advanced Placement courses, to meet the educational needs and interests of each student.


Instructional Support Program (ISP)

The Instructional Support Program (ISP) at Divine Child High School offers academic interventions and accommodations tailored to students with diagnosed learning differences. Through ISP offerings including personalized, in-class interventions, individualized accommodations and after school study hours, students are provided with the tools necessary to learn and excel academically.

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