Divine Child High School has begun making preparations for distance learning. We understand that this will be challenging for many students, as we are not an exclusively online institution, however, the need to be partners in our student's education is more important than ever. Please take some time to review the roles for students and parents, and what teachers and staff will be expected and able to do for our students. 

Sample structure of the day:

7:30 - 8:00am
Wake up and eat breakfast.  Morning Prayer
Log onto Schoology and check email to review the days assignments - make a To Do list.
9:00 - 10:30am
Work time
11:00am- 12:30pm
Break - lunch, get outside, do something you enjoy
12:30 - 3:00pm
Tackle one/two assignments on the to do list 
3:30 - 5:00pm
Help parents cook dinner/chores 
Eat dinner together - discuss what you are currently doing in your class
Watch a show you love, play a video game, play board games with your family
Prayer/reflection time -  independently or as a family - what are you grateful for today? 
Go to bed at a reasonable hour 

Your role as...

A Student...
Starting March 23 students should...
  • Check Schoology at least twice a day to get homework/lessons from teachers
  • Set aside time each day, away from distractions, to complete your assigned work and/or review content
  • Turn in work and/or complete assignments and assessments by the given due date
  • Communicate with your teachers -  be proactive when you are confused or do not know how to proceed
  • Have integrity with your work - remember the DCHS Honor Code
As a Parent...
Starting March 23 parents should...
  • Get to know Schoology alongside your child! Mr. Dickie has made this tutorial to help you better understand the platform 
  • Discuss a plan of action with your child - setting aside a specific time to complete work and keep a routine will help students manage the load
  • Review assignments with your child and make note if they are struggling
  • Encourage your child to reach out to the teacher if they are confused and/or frustrated
  • Keep up to date on their grades via Power School 
  • Help your child remain calm during this time - we know it is stressful

DCHS Will Support Your Students in the Following Ways

Teachers will...
  • Post to Schoology weekly with the lesson plans and assignments for the days ahead
  • Be available to field questions by e-mail or on Schoology
  • Update grades frequently to give a realistic idea of where students are at 
  • Continue to provide instruction with a level of rigor that is both grade-level appropriate and appropriate for the online setting
Counselors will...
  • Be available for mental health support through the duration of the shut down
  • Field specific questions regarding scheduling - more info to come on this in the upcoming days
  • Update information regarding college acceptances, scholarship opportunities, and testing information in accordance to the College Board
  • Support spiritual, mental, nutritional, and material needs via the Divine Child Community Need Request Form
  • Provide community resources for families and students
  • Continue to support student needs and year end goals.  Please click the link below for a General Communication from the Counseling Department
The ISP Staff will...
  • Support building accommodation plans 
  • Provide guidance for teachers on how to differentiate and accommodate instruction
  • Advise on assessments and help keep caseload students on track